Friday, January 18, 2013

Back Online...

Well, it appears that I'm back in the business of scribbling less than profound statements down on paper.  However, if you've ventured back to my site you will notice some (gasp!) major differences.

1)  I'm done writing exclusively about the NHL.  The main reason for this is that I have a day-job, which makes it extremely difficult to take on another job, for which I do not get paid.  You may say, 'But oh...writing about hockey should be fun!'.  To that, my answer is yes, until you catch yourself drooling after spending 4 straight hours analyzing face-off percentages. But, that doesn't mean I won't write about sports at all, it just won't be my main focus.

2) The layout is quite different.  Gone are my fun pictures of the Capitals, Verizon (major trade mark) Center, and instead I have this luminescent green flavorish thing.  Well, quite simply I love green.  All Marine's love green, and to me, the duller the green the better.  Nothing lifts my spirits like a really boring shade of that amazing color.  In fact, my iPhone cover is a nice dull shade of Olive Drab, and because of this, I smile each time I see it, and sigh, because the iPhone display is just so the way, if you happen to be (or know) anyone who is skilled in the dark arts of graphic design (might I say a 'Ninja'), please shoot me an email.  I desperately need some assistance.

3) What can you expect?  Well, I'm guessing nothing really consistent except a decently written post about once a week or so.  If I have time I'll do more.  But, my objective is to throw stuff out there from thoughts about sports and politics, to generalized musings.  I hope that it'll be written well enough for you to either be really PO'ed, or really like it.  Either way, please comment, send me hate mail, send me flowers, order me a pizza, I really don't care.  Just please, for the love of whatever benevolent God there is, stop making Matt Damon references at me.  I'm a huge fan of Team America so the notion that I resemble this truly frightens me.

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